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College entrance exams are one of the most essential aspects of the college admissions process and also often the most ignored, stressful, and misunderstood. It is a major investment of time, of resources, and most importantly, of commitment -- an investment we take very seriously.  We provide a comprehensive approach to the SAT and ACT, one that combines expert knowledge with practical, useable strategies that raise confidence and scores. 


At OpenBook, we inform, we educate, we remediate, and we review. And, unlike most, we specialize in English test prep because that's what we know best, leaving math and science to our expert partners who have made math and science their world. We are subject-dedicated and have 20-plus years of combined English test-prep teaching experience. Our commitment to the English language, teaching the material, and building test-specific skills -- opposed to "quick-fixes" and ineffective ways to "beat" the tests -- is a point of pride. In a competitive marketplace, we offer transferable fundamental and advanced academic skills and techniques that work in a calm, convivial atmosphere conducive to learning. 



These traditional, private, and highly specialized English one-on-one sessions are designed for students who prefer or need individualized instruction on a Pay-Per-Prep© basis. 


We recommend this option to students who have more advanced English abilities and to those who are limited to meet once per week (and no more than four times per month). If a student expects to study for more, then he or she would be best served with our OpenBook Model© subscription service.


Pay-Per-Prep© classes are available in half-hour, hour, or hour and a half, or two-hour increments.


The OpenBook Model© Learning Subscription promotes and rewards initiative, responsibility, and planning: study more, perform better, pay less. This model was born out of our desire to help as many English students as possible by increasing their exposure and thus raising their scores while helping families save money in the process with multi-hour subscriptions. 

With all the benefits of personalized, one-on-one instruction, this option is ideal for students who need more than four hours of study per month and or who need to expedite their English prep. While most students utilize our 24-hour package, students who need to expedite their work can take full advantage of the program and complete their prep in just five weeks. 


Monthly enrollment is capped and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Our All-You-Can-Prep© English option is available to all high school juniors and seniors, and is the most convenient option for highly organized and motivated students with a work ethic to match. It is all things English, all the time. 

On location, in-home, or online -- or a combination of all three. With our All-You-Can-Prep© plan, students enjoy unlimited access to the English SAT and ACT prep until their desired score is met, all with priority scheduling and no restrictions. 


Enrolled students are also eligible to receive unlimited academic tutoring and college admissions assistance for the duration of service.

Offered in one or two-year increments. 

Remote Learning


All three of our test prep options give students the option to meet online via Apple's FaceTime or Google Hangouts' live-streaming video chat. This accommodating option is great for students with limited transportation, those who are out of state, those vacationing, those with tight schedules, and those who simply prefer to stay home.

Please contact us at to schedule a consultation.

Because the ACT is a fast-paced, concise test, we focus on time management and a logical, efficient approach to the English, math, and science sections. 


Students learn how to navigate the ACT starting with both English tests: The first, a 35-minute, 40-question, four-passage critical reading section that includes Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural science selections. The second, a 45-minute, 75-question editing section featuring five articles that test English grammar, punctuation, organization, and style.


The rest of the exam is comprised of seven science studies with corresponding charts and graphs, a 60-minute, 60-question math portion, and the written (persuasive), mandatory essay. 

The redesigned College Board SAT centers around two lengthy English sections: a 65-minute, 52-question critical reading section (covering Literature, Social Science, History, Social Studies, and Natural Science) and a 35-minute, 44-question Writing and Language (English grammar) section.


They are followed by comprehensive math sections (both calculator and non-calculator) and a rhetorical analysis essay. The essay is technically optional, but we strongly recommend it to the majority of students in ultra-competitive markets such as the Washington D.C. metro area, Charlotte, NC, and Southern California's South Bay.


Our straightforward, comprehensive preparation is based on the mastery of focus, English grammar rules, basic and advanced critical reading techniques, mathematic fundamentals, and thoughtful, organized writing.


We also offer preparation for the follow:


Virginia Standards of Learning assessment tests (SOL)


CollegeBoard PSAT 


CollegeBoard SAT Subject Tests


Entrance exams for the Academy of Science (AOS), Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET) and Thomas Jefferson High School


Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT)


High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Federal (.gov) logic and reasoning assessment and entrance exams


Need help preparing for something else? Let us know and we can assist.


"I was so confident for both my first SAT and ACT because I had seen it all before in class and knew exactly what I was suppose to do. The SAT class was super fun and enjoyable too -- Shawn, Seb, and Clarke are the best! Thanks again!

—  Greg, Loudoun Valley


"Not only did I come away with new-found confidence and a higher SAT score, but I learned how I learn best -- an invaluable skill to have discovered before my first year of college.” 

—  Jason, Leesburg

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