It's simple math: On Deck teaches through athletics -- OpenBook teaches with academics. Together, we cultivate, foster, and integrate the physical and mental abilities of young people into well-rounded student-athletes in preparation for what lies ahead. 


OpenBook is honored, excited, and proud to partner with On Deck Academy, one of the leading baseball and softball institutions on the East Coast, to provide our student-athletes with the fundamentals they need to take their games and minds to the next level. Collectively, we share a vision that reaches far beyond the the batter's box and the blackboard -- a vision to inspire, promote, and guide tomorrow's stars when it counts: today. We both believe that education in its purest form -- the sharing of knowledge and experience for the benefit of others -- is the way to create a community of positivity and fulfillment.

Just as On Deck prepares its athletes to excel on the diamond, so OpenBook does its part to keep its student-athletes eligible and on the field. High school and NCAA eligibility -- and college admission -- begin in the classroom and is a continual process. 

We specialize in English instruction but offer assistance with a number of academic, honors, and AP courses to help student-athletes stay on track throughout their middle and high school careers. 

Individual and small-size study groups are available and can be tailored to your needs. 

Our online classes are designed exclusively for On Deck student-athletes with their practice, conditioning, and game schedules in mind.

Our month-long, SAT and ACT-specific classes include 24 hours of online test prep that cover the Language and Writing (grammar), Critical Reading and essay sections. Our bi-weekly classes meet for an hour and half for four weeks and provide a solid foundation of skill-building, test-testing strategies, and confidence through repetition and focus-driven instruction. (Currently not available.)

Individual, one-one-one classes are also offered on as-needed basis.